Glasgow Made is a project run by Clothworks Glasgow C.I.C. Our mission is to foster a vibrant, sustainable local economy by making it simple for people to buy from and support local businesses.

At Glasgow Made, we recognise the importance of nurturing homegrown talent and craftsmanship. By championing local artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs, we aim to create a thriving community that bolsters the economic growth and ecological balance of the Glasgow region.

By connecting consumers to businesses that share these values, we hope to create a network that fosters positive change within the community.

Join us in our journey to strengthen Glasgow's local economy and pave the way for a community led, more prosperous future. Discover the incredible talents within our city and experience the joy of supporting local makers by shopping at Glasgow Made.

To learn more about Clothworks Glasgow C.I.C and our other projects, please visit our website by clicking here.

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All businesses in the directory are based in Greater Glasgow, and make their clothes in the area.

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